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Warning Regarding Alkaline / Oxygenated Water Ionizers


Dozens of our customers have gotten ripped off for 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Not by us! It’s one of the latest MLM’s multi level marketing scams/swindles. These swindlers test your drinking water and then tell you that your water is too acidic. It doesn’t matter what water you are drinking. They are selling these plastic machines that are about 14” tall, 12” wide, 8” deep. The machines come from Asia. There are several name brands on these machines. Each one sold by a different MLM company. They range in price from $1000. to $4000. They call them alkalinizers / ionizers. These swindlers are telling people that the alkaline water coming out of their machines will cure all kinds of diseases. They don’t and the stories are for the most part, untrue. The money they are making blinds the MLM people selling them. These MLM swindlers have completely lost track of the truth. They are selling a machine that costs about $100. to manufacture for up to $4000. at the retail level.

For me, the first red flag went up when they were often being sold by multi level marketing companies. The second red flag went up when I saw these products and learned what they were charging for them. The third red flag went up when they said that the water filters inside the machines did a good job of filtering the tap water. They don’t. The filters are small and simple and only worth about 10 bucks each. There is usually one filter per machine. The water coming out of the machines is practically unfiltered and not much different than the tap water going in. When I questioned the sellers about pre filtering the water first before going into the machine, they told me you couldn’t. The machines do not work on pure water. They don’t actually make the water alkaline but only the contaminates in the water! The fourth red flag went up when the MLM people didn’t tell their customers that it is at least 10 times better to eat more vegetables and drink more vegetable juice if you want to become more alkaline than buying one of their expensive machines. People don’t need their overpriced machine for any reason. Top experts are saying the acidic water turns alkaline upon entering the body and that alkaline water turns acid upon entering the body. I found out that the water coming out of these machines is toxic. This is from the book titled: The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck. We sell it for $30. It is an excellent book with 660 pages of health advice and research studies. These research studies show how eating more raw food improves health.

Excerpt from Page: 335 True Ott, who has a PhD in nutrition, claims that water alkalinizers or ionizers are based on junk science. When my husband and I developed arthritis from using one, we called him after noticing he had written about this topic. He explained, “These machines strip electrons from the contaminants themselves, and this creates hydroxyl ions which are harmful free radicals. The OH ions attack cells and stimulate adrenaline, which is why there is a short term buzz, but in the long run it creates a condition that breeds cancer. It can also cause arthritis.”

Gabriel Cousens agrees that alkaline water is toxic: “The alkaline water’s hydroxyl ions are electron takers, not donors. The alkaline water, however, may give you a feeling of energy because, as cells are destroyed from free-radical oxidation, they give off energy. Unfortunately, this is a short-term energy” (Spiritual Nutrition, p.478).

I am always looking out for your welfare and mine. Call for free advice regarding our water filters anytime. Remember me when you need the best products. When only the very best will do.

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*Disclaimer: This article is only the opinion of Seagull Distribution and no research has been done to prove its accuracy.