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Tempur—Pedic Mattresses: The Smart Choice

You put in nine hours at work, picked the kids up from daycare, and managed to get dinner on the table by seven. You finally bathed the last kid, and you are dead tired. The only question is then, what kind of mattress is going to catch you when you collapse?
  • Are you going to sleep on a standard mattress?
  • Do you really want to toss and turn all night, and feel every little movement?
  • What kind of reward will there be at the end of a long day?
Maybe you want something better. Maybe you want Tempur—Pedic.

Tempur—Pedic: Utopia in the Bedroom

Nothing feels better than a Tempur—Pedic mattress after a hard day. Tempur—Pedic mattresses are not like other mattresses on the market today. Unlike other mattresses, Tempur—Pedic:
  • Conforms to the curves of your body
  • Absorbs your sleep partner’s energy so your side of the mattress doesn’t move
  • Relieves your pressure points, creating a better night’s sleep
  • Keeps your body aligned, so you will spend less time tossing and turning and more time sleeping

What Does This Mean?

You’ve seen what a Tempur—Pedic mattress can do. Now, you can’t help but ask, “What does this mean?” In a few words, it means a better night’s sleep.

Tempur—Pedic mattresses are designed to cradle your body as you sleep. The mattress conforms and contours to cradle you, so your hips and shoulders can sink in and optimally align your body. Not only that, but your significant other won’t be able to bother you while you sleep. He or she can turn over or get up, and you will still be counting sheep. With a mattress that actually absorbs the restless tossing and turning, it’s all about perfect peaceful slumber.

When you wake up the next morning, you will feel the Tempur—Pedic difference. Forget those aches, pains, and yawns that come with a bad night’s sleep. You will feel well rested, and you will be at your best. Suddenly, juggling work, kids, and housework will be just a little bit more bearable. And one thing is certain—with a perfect night’s sleep, your energy will be up and your stress will be down.

Your Own Personal Sanctuary

How do you want your day to end? Do you want to go to sleep on a mattress that doesn’t cut it…or do you want to drift off in your own private sanctuary? Life is hectic, but the nights should be peaceful and restful. If you want peace, you want a Tempur—Pedic Mattress.