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NEW Miele Titan Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

The top canister vacuum cleaner in Miele’s C1 Classic line, the Miele Titan is a compact vacuum that easily tackles medium pile carpeting and hard floors. It comes standard with the SEB 217-3 Power Brush, a parquet floor brush, and Miele’s HEPA Filter, so that nothing stands in the way of you and a clean home.

Color: Chili Red

Recommended for: Low to medium pile carpeting and smooth flooring.

The Miele Titan Classic C1 Vacuum lives up to its name meaning “great in size and power." It has a larger dirt bag capacity than the Compact C2 series so you can change your bag less frequently. It’s great in size and power because it comes with both the SEB217-3 Powerhead for cleaning your carpeted areas and the SBB Parquet-3 Floor Brush for cleaning smooth flooring.

Miele Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner Features and Benefits:

Power – Motor: 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor System™

Speed Control: - Suction control via rotary dial, 6 variable power settings

Filtration System: Active H.E.P.A Filter (1 included), 4.76 quart Type G/N Airclean dustbag dustbag with flap for dust-free removal (1 included), and pre-motor filter (1 included)


  • SEB217-3 Electric Powerbrush
  • SBB Parquet-3 – Parquet Floor Tool
  • SES116 Electric Hose
  • SET220 Electric telescopic wand
  • Natural Bristle Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • VarioClip which attaches the tools to the hose

Additional Features:

  • Canister Construction - Sealed System to keep the dirt inside the vacuum
  • Impressive 29.5-foot Operating Radius with an automatic cord rewind
  • Dustbag change indicator
  • Filter indicator
  • Safety shut-off on overheating
  • Silence insulation


Dimensions (H x W x L): 8-1/2" x 11-1/4" x 18"

2015 Miele Canister Features and Benefits

Miele Calima beautiful finish Miele Calima Anti-Static Discharge Handle
Beautiful Finish

Miele is on the cutting edge with the latest colors in beautiful laquered coatings and finishes
Anti-Static Discharge Handle

A metal thread in the handle prevents the discharge of static electricity.
Miele Vacs Large operating radius Miele Vaccums telescopic wand
Large Operating Radius

Don't worry about changing outlets.  Miele vacuum cleaners have a wide operating radius.
Telescopic Wand

With height adjustable telescopic wands, Miele vacuum cleaners can reach those out of the way places.
Miele Vac bumper Miele Vacuums San Diego
Furniture Protection Bumper

The protection strip on the Miele vacuum body saves your furniture and appliances from bumps and scratches.
Park System

The wand and suction head can be placed at the end of the vacuum or on either side.
Miele Vac Motor Miele Vac Accessories
Gentle Start Motor

When you turn on your Miele vacuum cleaner the power increases gradually to the level you selected.  This is good for your motor and saves power.
Complete Cleaning Accessories

All Miele canister vacuum cleaners come equipped with a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush, with integrated or clip storage.
Miele Vacuum Cleaners Miele San Diego Dealer
Overheating Protection The motor on a Miele vacuum cleaner is protected from overheating by automatically limiting the temperature. Miele San Diego Dealer

<u>NEW</u> Miele Titan Classic C1

<u>NEW</u> Miele Titan Classic C1

<u>NEW</u> Miele Titan Classic C1

<u>NEW</u> Miele Titan Classic C1

<u>NEW</u> Miele Titan Classic C1