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Radiation Free Headset Hook by Life Blue Tube Air

Price: $49.99
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Product Description:

Custom molded lightweight earpiece, Tube clip, State-of-the-art sound chamber with enhanced SPL technology, Tangle-free expansion cord, Optional lightweight titanium ear hook design, Fully adjustable and rotates 360 degrees to fit either left or right ear, Optional dual stereo ear buds,Optional built-in EMF Shields that address the whole body.

Both ENVI and Bluetube lines have mic buttons that support the following special features:

  • Answer -
    squeeze once
  • Disconnect -
    squeeze and hold for 3sec.
  • Mute/unmute call -
    squeeze once quickly
  • Voice dialing -
    squeeze and hold for 3sec.

Radiation Free Headset Hook

Radiation Free Headset Hook