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Pod Blokart Land Sailor

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Quickly turns your kart into a stylish, all weather racing machine. Dust, dirt, sand, rain and wind-chill are no longer an excuse to stay at home. Reduced drag, improved performance, increased comfort and advanced style.

With over 2500 karts sold, blokarting is rapidly becoming the worlds no. 1 land based sail sport!

What makes blokarting so appealing?

The pro model is the top choice for high-end performance. It features an easy-to-maintain and high-performance 304 stainless steel construction with a unique flashy look.

At around 55 lbs., it can be easily carried or wheeled anywhere you like in its unique portable bag. It’s small enough to fit in the boot/trunk of your car, can be assembled in less than five minutes without tools and will sail just about anywhere, from the beach to the parking lot, sport and recreation grounds and even tennis courts! Being one design it is ideal for competitions so at last the whole family can enjoy a racing sport.

Blokarting… a sport and pastime for all ages, regardless of gender, weight, height and those with limited mobility. A true family toy for fun and adventure, designed with families in mind and great for getting people together.

“Blokarts award winning robust design was locked in early in its inception ensuring a level playing field for generations to come”.

Blokarts hand steer, universally non adjustable design coupled with the ease of assembly makes it a winner.

Being one design it is ideal for both recreation and competition so that anyone, regardless of age, size or gender can enjoy karting.

Because of its small size and extreme maneuverability the blokart can be used almost anywhere - from beaches to car parks, sports and recreation areas, tennis courts and even on ice!

Weighing in at only 29kg the blokart is portable enough to fit in the boot/trunk of most cars. It can be assembled from its unique carry bag in a few minutes with no tools required.

Pod Blokart