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Miele Dishwasher Tabs Detergent

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Each dishwasher detergent tablet features a powerful enzyme formula and a three-layer construction that delivers superior wash results. They can be used with any brand of dishwasher. Contains: 3 boxes - 20 tabs per box.

The concentrated detergent provides film free cleaning performance delivered in a easy to use tab form. The new Miele dishwasher tablets now include rinse aid and softening salt along with the cleaning agent. If you desire enhanced results or for those with hard water, we suggest the use of softening salt and  rinse aid along with the detergent. The new formula also offers advanced spot free glass protection and no phosphates. The detergent tabs ensure spot free dishes and glasses in every load. Users also note etch and film free glasses.

Each box pack contains 60 pieces (2.55 lbs) of Miele water soluble detergent tablets packed in 3 individual boxes containing 20 tabs in each box.

Miele Dishwasher Tabs