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There are numerous Juicers to choose from, but none compare overall with the K & K Shredder and Juice Press. The K & K Shredder and Juice Press are simple to operate and a breeze to clean.

Juicing has become very popular and recognized as a means of supporting vibrant health. Regular juicing provides many of the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients, as well as oxygen, in an easy to assimilate, concentrated and delicious form.

Many advocates claim miraculous healing properties of certain juices or combinations of juices.

Regardless of claims, it is safe to say that juices are a wonderful and natural way to provide the body with nutrient rich healthy supportive fluids.

There are numerous Juicers to choose from, but none compare overall with the K & K Shredder and Juice Press. The K & K Shredder and Juice Press are simple to operate and a breeze to clean. Because of the shredding & pressing system it utilizes to create juice; it out performs all centrifugal Juicers, masticating Juicers and pulp ejection models. Not only does it create a less oxidized, richer; darker and more nutrient packed juice, but it also gives you up to twice the amount of juice from the same amount of produce. Because you get more juice out of the
same amount, the money you save on produce will cover the expense of the K & K in a very short period of time. You can expect many years of quality performance and durability from the K & K Shredder & Juice Press.

Even the popular $2000 model does not compare to the K & K in overall performance, reliability and price.

The juice press is sturdily constructed for a lifetime of service. It's equipped with a hydraulic unit so easy to use that even a small child can operate it 4000 pounds of pressure extracts pulp•free juice quickly and easily. The large jucing areas capacity is 20 - 24 pints per hour. The press is 15 inches high and weighs approximately 25 lbs. It is constructed entirely of non-corrosive alloy & stainless steel.

About the only thing that can wear out with the press is the hydraulic unit which can easily be replaced for well under $25. However, this is highly unlikely to occur for many years because of quality of parts.

Ease of use:
The unit requires no electricity and is completely hand operated. The juice pan is stainless steel and its depth prevents juice from squirting out the front, sides and back as is common in competitor's models. The juice pan cleans up easily with cold water.

Both the shredded & press are guaranteed for a lifetime against material and construction defects and one full year against mechanical or electrical defect.

Here's how easy it is to use the K & K Shredder and Juice Press.

1. Wash all fruits and vegetables you are going to use to remove any dirt, residue toxins, or bacteria. Use fresh, clean water with some lemon juice or an alternative safe & non-toxic fruit and vegetable wash. Organically grown produce is preferred and highly recommended. Trim any blemishes from the produce.

2. If necessary, cut up produce to enable it to pass through the opening at the top of the shredder's housing. The shredder will handle most all produce quite easily and efficiently. Place the juicing pan, with open cloth over it, directly under the bottom opening of the shredder or shred the produce into a suitable bowl; and later, spoon onto the cloth sheet. Push produce through with the plunger as much as you like.

3. Place the juicing pan with folded cloth containing shredded produce into its place in the press. Tighten the hydraulic valve and pump the handle until juice flows freely. You can pump the handle as hard as you like and let the juice flow out as much as possible. Next, release the pressure on the hydraulic valve to lower the juicing pan. Repeat this process until all the shredded produce is juiced.

4. To clean the shredder; simply run a cup or two of cold water through the running shredder. Turn off the shredder, disconnect the power cord, then remove the housing and rinse in soapy water. Rinse out the juicing pan and cloth and allow to dry before reassembling.

It's that easy to get the highest quality juice available!

A Letter From Hal Stewart.

I would like to introduce you to the K&K way of making rich, delicious, fresh tasting juice that keeps up to 14 days with refrigeration; requires a smaller investment in the long run in equipment, time and produce; and has probably 10 times the mineral, vitamin and enzyme content. By comparison, other juices taste like "colored water."

Based on my 50+ years of research, I find that the K&K to be so superior that there is almost no competition. Because there is so little oxidation, the juice keeps up to 14 days or longer in the refrigerator with no apparent loss of value. At that point it tastes fresh, rich and delicious as when made; much more so than other juices which must be drunk fresh or they become thick and ropey. Of course, juice should be drunk fresh for maximum value. Unofrtunate1y, that is not always practical.

The K&K juice costs much less to produce as it requires only 3% of carrots per quart compared to 41/2 to 5% for other machines. One lady has been using her K&K for 36 years with some repairs. The K&K is built to last.

The K&K extracts up to 10 times the minerals, vitamins and enzymes, as shown on the enclosed chart, which accounts for it's superior, de1icicus taste. Other juices taste like "colored water" by comparison.

Before Dr. Norman Walker, the "Juice Doctor" passed away June 8, 1986 (born 1/28/1867 - 119 years young) he told me he preferred the K&K over any other juicer.

Dr. Max Gerson, MD, founder of the famous Gerson Cancer Institute, which is still helping great numbers of people who have been disappointed with medical programs; describes the K&K on pages 405 - 6 of his fine book, "A Cancer Therapy - 50 Cases," They are still recommending the K&K at the "Institute."

I was born 1/27/14. I am enjoying good health with no aches or no need for doctor or hospitals. I have been using, selling and researching juicers since 1941. I started with the Health Master, then the Vitasphere, the Sweden, the Marvel (later became the Champion), the Acme through it's various stages and the others.

The K&K is the best juicer on the market. You might have friends who will go in with you on the purchase and use. Or, you could start with a Champion from me and a K&K Press. As shown on the enclosed chart, the Champion does not do nearly the job of breaking down the material (shredding it instead of reducing it to a paste as the K&K does, but at least it doesn't have the oxidation of the centrifuga1s.

Click here to see a PDF file on a comparative study on Juicers.

K & K  The Juice Press

K & K  The Juice Press

K & K  The Juice Press

K & K  The Juice Press

K & K  The Juice Press

K & K  The Juice Press

K & K  The Juice Press