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Excalibur 3900 9 Tray Deluxe Heavy Duty Food Dehydrator

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The deluxe Excalibur 3900 9 Tray Deluxe Heavy Duty Family Size Food Dehydrator makes everything from fruit leathers and jerky to dried flowers, enough for a big family.

This deluxe model includes an integrated power on-off switch and nearly indestructible polycarbonate construction. The nine 15-inch square trays are dishwasher-safe. A plexiglass door lets you check food drying at a glance. Each tray is independently removable, so you can check dryness without disturbing the other trays. The adjustable thermostat goes from 85-155F degrees, a range appropriate from fruit to jerky. Horizontal airflow is more even and doesn't mix food aromas, so you can dry meats and fruits in the same batch.

Dimensions: 17W x 19D x 12.5H inches.

A helpful 28-page dehydrating guide with over 50 recipes is included, so you'll have plenty of ideas for delicious creations!

The Excalibur has a 10-year warranty.

  • 600 watts of drying power
  • On-off switch powers heavy-duty 7-inch fan
  • Includes nine 15-inch square drying trays
  • Adjustable thermostat, 85-155F degrees
  • Super strong polycarbonate trays

Excalibur 3900